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RealGUIDE is not only a software, but also a complete digital PLATFORM. It allows you to COOPERATE and DISCUSS different clinical cases with an entire TEAM of experts.

Particularly for critical restorations, this protocol starts with patient image management. With only two images (photographs) of a patient: a photograph of his smiling face and the intraoral cavity, you can easily create a clinical, functional and aesthetic smile design.


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There is also a wide range of image printing, importing and exporting options. The cracked RealGUIDE 2020 software consists of several modules from which you can choose the most suitable one. For example, 3D planning provides tools for precise implant placement and nerve tracking. Implant placement is planned using implant models – these models are sized according to real implants.

High durability and aesthetics

The result is a restoration with a very precise fit, durability and a high aesthetic level. The new edge protection function is used in the fabrication of crowns, inlays and onlays, and significantly reduces the risk of chipping during grinding.

A well-organized, intuitive user interface and feedback function help reduce training times and promote safe operation


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