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– Uniquely accurate imitation of lower jaw movements
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– Modifiable guides
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– Retrusion guide
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The Reference articulator system allows you to plan and carry out treatment in both relatively simple and complex cases of total dental rehabilitation.

Articulator/facebow for free or individual programming of the articulator relative to the hinge axis

Synchronized articulator calibration with or without dismountable system

Possibility of upgrading the articulator from a simple occluder to a fully adjustable articulator

Integrated retention magnets

Avoids problems with model distortion through block installation

Determination of condyle position (CPM), changes in condyle position (CVP), determines and sets the occlusal plane, diagnosis of anterior teeth

Ready-made incisal plates with different inclinations for consistent wax-up of occlusal surfaces

Option to upgrade the facebow for electronic registration using CADIAX

Ideal system for clinical and laboratory work, as well as for teaching and research


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