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OnyxCeph 2020 (build 3.2.142) crack

Cracked OnyxCeph 2020 (build 3.2.142) 2020 is a unique program, in the creation of which the most prominent scientists took part. Its main features can be noted: the highest accuracy and speed of calculations, automation of the doctor’s work (processing tens of times more points), a large database for storing, analyzing and comparing data. The program performs calculations in 20 modes based on the author’s methods of leading scientists. Having loaded the image into the program, the doctor sets markers on the image – checkpoints. The final result depends on the correct placement. To improve the accuracy, the OnyxCeph software package provides the possibility of sharpening a picture, inverting, and enlarging a single fragment.


TRG inversion TRH fragment enlargement

With OnyxCeph 2020 (build 3.2.142) crack it is possible to carry out calculations for any images: panoramic images, TRG, photographs that are easy to load into the program.

The program will help the doctor determine the ideal implant location, diagnose and produce surgical guidelines. The new version of the software is created taking into account all the requirements of dentists. The user interface is structured, intuitive and guides you step by step through the entire process from scanning to milling.

OnyxCeph 2020 (build 3.2.142) crack 2020

All patient data, including photographs necessary for diagnostics, are stored in the program database and can be used on demand. All Dial-Dent specialists who use the OnyxCeph program in their practice have completed the necessary training.


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