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  • Third premolar function

For esthetic restorations, even in narrow spaces, the tooth shape can be easily changed. The “Third Premolar” function is used in both classic models and implant-retained bridges.

  • Smile design

Use a 3D image of the patient’s face to capture and balance a virtual model of a harmonious looking smile.

  • Multi-dimensional

The cracked software allows you to work in 3D and 2D at the same time and thus helps you to choose the optimal view for each design step.

Multi-layer gingival bridges

The anatomical bridge structure is divided into a framework with a gingival element and a veneer with connected or separate elements. Parts of the structure can be made from different materials.

Being flexible is easy!

Provides the ability to import scan data to STL format, export restoration data to STL / XML format, export data to 3Shape format, export developed models to STL format, export scan data or Sirona Connect models to STL format.

In the dental industry, the transition to the digital age is taking place faster than most expected. CAD / CAM technology solves pressing challenges by enabling laboratories to perform better, offer more products, use new materials, provide attractive services and grow their business.


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