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BiotechCAM crack

High-quality and reliable dental constructions

Implants of the activated BIOTECH cracked system 2020 (France) are high-quality and reliable dental constructions that allow restoring human chewing functions, restoring the lost aesthetics of a smile. The French company “BIOTECH INTERNATIONAL” for 3 decades (since 1987) has been engaged in research, development and production of dental materials and equipment. The company’s products are in demand in the markets of France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Russia and other countries.

The best system of dental implants

Along with the production and supply of medical equipment, licensed BIOTECH INTERNATIONAL participates in clinical trials of manufactured products, conducts scientific activities. So, the result of joint work of scientists and specialists with dentists (surgeons, orthopedists, periodontists) and dental technicians was the creation of a system of dental implants Biotech (Biotech) that meets all the requirements of modern dentistry.

Benefits of Biotech dental implants for the patient:

  • high rates of engraftment;
  • good stabilization and resistance to loads;
  • minimal injury to bone tissue;
  • tight fit to the bone, no micro-crevices;
  • excellent bacterial tightness;
  • lifetime implant warranty.
  • Benefits of Biotech dental implants for the dentist:


Suitable for any clinical situation, both with full and partial edentulous jaws

  • Possibility of two-stage implantation using BIS implants and one-stage implantation using Smilea implants.
  • Reliable primary fixation due to the unique shape of the implant – transition from a cylindrical top to a cone.
  • Rapid survival of the implant without additional materials due to the special surface and high hydrophilicity.
  • Dental implants “Biotech” comply with international standards, have certificates of conformity and are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

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