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3shape crack trios 3 activated full version 2020

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Intraoral scanner activated 3Shape TRIOS 3 2020 is a device for digitizing the lower and upper jaws and bite. The advantages of using the device: high accuracy and speed of work. The practitioner scans the patient’s mouth in 90 seconds. The result is a full color image with an accuracy of 4.5 +/- 0.9 μm.


Easy to use

The device is easy to use. The scope of delivery includes five interchangeable tips, so that work with the next patient can be started in a few seconds. The working process can be observed on a computer screen. Cracked TRIOS 3 scans the jaws one at a time. If it is necessary to study the bite, the patient compresses his teeth, and the device fixes their position. Then the software marks the places where the tooth pressure is abnormal.

Numerous modifications

The scope of delivery of the scanner varies and depends on the modification. A choice of connection options is possible: wireless and wired, as well as installation: on a stand or on a mobile stand.

For example, in a set with a wireless 3D scanner based on the supply

  • base stand (pod);
  • 5 replaceable working attachments;
  • set of cables; 2 calibration tips;
  • Software on a USB flash drive;
  • charging station and 3 rechargeable batteries;
  • instructions.


Comfortable start in Digital Unparalleled wireless scanning technology, flexible demonstration screen included with, an open working ecosystem, excitement apps, and intuitive dental planning apps.

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